Friday, June 19, 2015

Safe Keeping

A friend of mine called me the other day.  She had heard news from someone else that there was an estate sale nearby with a weaving loom and a lot of accessories.  I had some time so I went over to have a look.  I wasn't planning on buying a loom.  Space is at a max in my loom studio, but I am keeping my eye out for a computer dobby loom.  Still I was curious and thought I might be able to spread the word through my community.

I found a nice Gilmore loom which hasn't been used in a while.  Her owner is in poor health and living in a nursing home.  I was told that she has Alzheimer's and that her husband isn't doing well either.  She clearly loved weaving and there were several samplers present that she had woven and labeled.  Most of the items were stacked and inaccessible.  The salesman was letting the lot go for a lovely deal.  If I had the space and vehicle I would have snagged it and found the loom a home.  I did find a weaving book that I wanted and quickly made a deal with the salesman.  Like a lot of people, he was completely in the dark about weaving and I gave him the nickel tour of our rich traditions and equipment.  The salesman warned me that if they didn't sell the items they were being donated to charity.  Who knows what would happen then.

Before I left, I gather his card and sent out an email to some weavers.  Within an hour I had someone heading over to rescue the loom.  It made me ridiculously happy.  I always feel that our tools take on the life of those who have used them.  I'm glad the story will continue.

I wish there was a way to tell this weaver that her tools are safe and in the hands of her tribe.

My new book with inscription.

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