Tuesday, June 16, 2015


I decided to move my blog back to this old home, not that the new home enjoyed much activity.

I'm currently on summer break and I have a long list of things to accomplish before school begins in August.  There is the Weavers' Guild Sale to prepare, planning of the 2016 MoFA conference is in high gear, things to learn and experiment with, household chores to catch up on, doctor's appointments that have been put off with the semester grind, some travel plans and oh yes - relaxation.  Whatever that is.

This week I'm trying to clear off one of the looms which has been warped since January.  Yikes!  I had to dust it all off before resuming weaving on some placemats for my new dining table.  I have a warp all ready for it and I'd like to get it on and weaving on it since it might be a piece to enter into an exhibition in August.

I have some exciting news to share as well.

I start my MFA program in the fall!  I'll be focusing on textiles and dabbling in other areas as well.  Part of me is still in shock that I'm going back to graduate school.  A larger part of me is thrilled and I can't wait to see where my work is a year from now.

I have three pieces that have been accepted into the MoFA Speaking of Fibers! 2015 show.  The show will run at Maryville University from November 12 - December 16, 2015.

I'll post more details as it get closer to the opening.

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