Sunday, November 16, 2014

It's the Little Things

I love finding solutions to problems.  If they are easy and cheap - all the better!

Lighting Fix

I have looked and looked for a lamp like this one!  Most clip lights are made for horizontal surfaces that just don't work for weaving looms.  Enter this beauty by Ottlite.  It has a pivoting hinge by the clip and can be positioned for vertical or horizontal surfaces.  I like working with full spectrum lighting and the Ottlites have that feature.  Best of all it was $31.99 at Office Depot.  The same model is on their website listed at $36.99.  Joann Fabrics sells a similar model for $79.99!

Loom Storage and Note Strip

I needed a little bin on top of the Harrisville for bobbins, yarns, etc.  Harrisville makes a tool tray for most of their looms.  They are nice, but I wouldn't have room for the clip light and I didn't need something that big. I found this letter bin at The Container Store that is perfect.  It is just the footprint I need to fit comfortably on top of the castle.  I secured it to the loom with a mini bungee cord and it stays put with the vibration of the loom.  Next I picked up a small metal strip with magnets to post weaving notes and drafts.

The strips come with adhesive strips which didn't stick to the plastic of the bin.  No problem. I have three super strong magnets (sold as neodymium magnets) attaching the strip to the back side of the basket.  Perfect.  I usually use these magnets to hold cartoons when weaving inlay or tapestry work.  

Book Fix

This one is a long time favorite.  I take my flat bound books to Kinko's and have the binding sliced off and round bound with a spiral.  Now the book will lay flat or can be fold.  I've had this done to a lot of cookbooks, Mark's music books and a lot of my weaving texts.  

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