Friday, July 11, 2014

Prepping for Convergence

I'm heading out soon for HGA's Convergence conference.  The last two weeks have been a mad rush to finish things for deadline, prep, clean the house and get my head ready for the largest weaving gathering I've ever been too.

I was awarded a student assistantship in May; it a tremendous opportunity and I'm so grateful I get to go.  There are various duties students are asked to do and one of them is assisting a teacher in a class.  I will Rebecca Mezoff in her color gradation class and I'm very much looking forward to meeting her.  I am taking her online tapestry class this summer and I've followed her blog for years.  I picked up a Mirrix tapestry loom a few weeks ago from The Yarn Barn while traveling through Lawrence, KS.  I wonder what the TSA will think when they see the loom in my suitcase?  And the yarn, and tapestry tools....

I'll also go on a bus tour to the American Textile History Museum which has a very interesting website.  I've made a list of the all the gallery exhibitions, and started packing everything I'll need for a very exciting week.

I'm looking forward to meeting folks I've only known online and in print.  It will be great to expand my network of people who understand and can nerd out over textiles as much as I can.