Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Summer Start Up

Summer has arrived and things have possibly slowed down a bit.  Mark graduated a few weeks ago and it was a wonderful time.  It was nice to have a ritual to note such a monumental achievement.  He was happy and I was so proud.

We slipped away for a few days to Lexington, Kentucky.  Kentucky has always been one of my favorite states.  When I was a kid I declared any place that had horses on their license plates was my kind of place.  I begged my father to rip up our old lawn and plant bluegrass.  Perhaps I thought if we planed bluegrass, horses would sprout up as well.  This trip was quick, but just the refreshment we needed.

I have some deadlines early this summer and I'm weaving to meet them!  This piece and I will sit together for awhile.  It is a large brocade tapestry that I'm quite excited about.  My work took a turn towards the end of the semester and something clicked.  Through the encouragement of my peers and professor, I'm embracing some intuitive design concepts and going big.