Monday, April 14, 2014

Finished Work

The semester is flying to a close and I've been running to keep up.  This semester has been about transitions and experimentation.  I'm finding myself at a time of discernment.  Now that certain life questions have been answered, it has led to others of a more personal nature.  Weaving provides a lot of time to work through issues and questions.  While all my questions haven't been answered, I've been learning a lot through the interlacement of warp and weft.

Mathematical Woven Doctorate
21" x 20"
Hand dyed cotton double weave pick up wall piece.  

Woven for my husband on the occasion of his graduation.  This piece incorporates imagery from his doctoral thesis. 

Painted Warp Ikat Overshot Fabric
19" x 21"

9.25" x 11.5" tapestry mounted on grey canvas 14" x 16"
Hand dyed cotton