Monday, March 24, 2014

Tools We Have

This past weekend I had the opportunity to pick up a few new to me tools for weaving.  I came home with five gently used shuttles to use to move my yarn from one selvedge to the other.  I sat down this morning to begin to use one.   I discovered the previous owner had written her name on the side of the shuttle and it has fadden over time.  I did not know this weaver but many in the guild knew her, loved her and helped disburse her weaving stash after she passed away.

I have very few tools that are new.  Most have had long use by others.  My looms are used.  Most of my spinning wheels aver very old and have grooves from long ago spinners.  Even my hand tools are used - hammers, wrenches, saws and others are all from my dad and perhaps they can trace their use beyond him.

I love old tools.  I love sitting at my looms,  thinking about the people that once sat before them to bind warp and weft together.  I love sitting at the wheels, thinking about fibers binding together to create yarn.  Old tools bring a shared history and memory into new years, new uses and help the makers always be present in the making.

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