Saturday, February 1, 2014

At It Again

I thought I'd share some progress photos of my current piece on the loom at school.

This piece is a double weave pick up wall hanging with a lot of special woven into the cloth.  I designed it to incorporate elements of Mark's dissertation.  I worked his PhD into a lot of my work at school last year and it is still lingering in a few pieces.  This woven cloth was started in the last four weeks of the semester and obviously, I didn't finish it then.  I've been haunted by problems with this work. So it lingers and I've finally reached my Zen in the weaving.   The weaving is pleasurable again and I finally reached the halfway point yesterday.

Once the weaving is complete, I'll do a lot of embroidery to finish off the imagery.  

In other double weave news, my Time Squared piece was accepted into the Undergraduate Exhibition at SIUE.