Saturday, November 23, 2013

Time Squared

Double weave study has been my semester long quest in my research in fibers class.  The class is arranged for independent work amongst a group.  We come together as a group for workshops, critiques and discussions.  It has been an amazing class!  I'm continually inspired and encouraged by my colleagues.

I did not imagine that I would study double weave, but that all changed right before the semester began.  The weekend before the semester started my husband and I went to the annual YMCA book fair.  We said we weren't going to go as we had donated eight boxes of books just weeks before.  What can I say?  We love books; off we went!  While Mark found many books to replace the ones that left the shelf less full, I only found one.  That one made all the difference!

The book is New Designs in Weaving by Donald Willcox copyright 1970.  The author took a tour through Scandinavia and profiles their work, technique and some history.  When we got home Mark and I settled in to read our finds and soon the time and I realized it was 2 AM!  On of the many features of the book is the work of many Finnish weavers including Maija Kolsi-Mäkelä.  The work was stunning and though most of it was completed in the 50s and 60s, still seemed contemporary and fresh.  I had to know more about her and the work of other Finnish weavers.  I Googled, I emailed a friend who had lived in Finland and still has ties there.  I even posted the a Finnish Handicraft board on Ravelry.  I'm still researching and trying to find out more about her.  There is a beautiful example of Maija Kolsi-Mäkelä's work posted on Flickr. Iltarusko (Evening Glow).

My mother's side of the family is Swedish and Finnish.  Both of my great grandparents were first generation Americans.  Though the immigration was relatively recent, few traditions of Scandinavia remain in my family.  It is sad and something I've always longed for.  I do know my grandmother's Swedish side had copper smiths and perhaps other craftsmen.  However, I know little about my grandfather's Finnish side. 

Finnish weavers have offered a lot to double weave.  The imagery and color choices are unique and inspiring.  My first double cloth piece is finished.  I've been showing photos here and on Facebook of the piece on the loom.  Now I can share the finished piece. 

Time Squared
Time Squared
Double Weave Pick Up Wall Hanging
21" x 22"
Indigo ikat on cotton

Time Squared Detail
Time Squared - detail

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  1. I love the color and texture of this piece! Thanks for sharing it...