Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Works

Summer has been a very productive time for me.  I've gotten a lot accomplished and I'm pleased with that.  I've decided to submit work for another juried show so I still have some things on the horizon to work on.  At the end of this summer, I will have submitted for three juried shows.  I'm also submitting work for two art and craft sales as well.

The exciting news is that I've heard back from the first show that I submitted for and two of my pieces have been accepted.  The show Speaking of Fibers! 2013 will take place at the St. Louis University Museum of Art.  The show opens August 23rd and closes October 6th.  Opening reception will take place on Friday, September 27 from 5-8pm.  I'm so excited and honored to be included among the many talented artists.  Quilt National will also be that the SLU Museum of Art from September 20 until October 27.  It will be a wonderful time to see a lot of fiber work.

I don't submit my next piece until mid-August, so I'll cross my fingers for that one as well.  My calendar is filling up with show deadlines.  Then there is the little matter of school starting as well.  My semester is going to be intense and I'm looking forward to it.  I am taking a class on surface design (dye, screen printing, etc) and it should be a good push to move my work, skills and ideas forward.  I'm also doing and individual study on weaving.  I'll pick an aspect of weaving to focus on and then spend the semester working on it.  I imagine I'll have a lot of growth, struggle and a good solid push from my professor, Laura Strand.  Laura knows just when to push me closer to the edge and I always learn so much from her.

Here are some of my summer projects now finished.  My loom has been continually warped these month.  The are both ikat indigo dyed cotton scarves with different drafts of twill.

Twill Indigo Ikat Scarf with Long Fringe

Detail of cloth

Twill Indigo Ikat  detail

Twill indigo Ikat Scarf

Detail of cloth
Twill Indigo Ikat detail

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