Friday, June 28, 2013

Working from Within

I always start summers with a plan.  Something I want to do, something I want to learn and usually stuff that I just need to do.  This summer threw me a curve and produces its own learning objective.  About a month ago, I was offered a position at my local yarn shop, Hearthstone Knits.  I adore this yarn shop.  So when I was offered the position, I agreed enthusiastically   I am so glad I did!  I love working at the shop and each day I seem to learn something new.

I have also been working on my other summer projects.  I just mailed off another submission to a juried show and I am working to fill a booth for art and craft fairs this fall and winter.  Working from home without a time clock is challenging.  It takes disciple and focus. I've had to be very strict with myself about putting time into the studio and working.  Some days it is easy.  I go to the loom and stay there all day.  Some days it is challenging and my focus wanders off.  These are the days that I switch my phone to silent, make a list and try to go heads down.  If I'm going to make this happen, I need to make this happen.  I have to be committed and my commitment takes more than just words.  This is the secret to being a working artist.  It takes skill yes, but it also takes a work ethic that comes from within.

I'll share more pictures of what I have been working on in the coming months.  I've been working on dyeing some ready wear garments.  I can show you a few of them now.

Indigo Shibori Scarf/Wraps

Indigo Shibori Wrap Front View

This one was dyed and I didn't like the amount of natural color showing through. I overdyed it which gave the original indigo a darker striping.
Indigo Shibori Overdyed Wrap

T-shirt dyed in fiber reactive and then overdyed in indigo

Dyed T-shirt

I finally photographed the last scarf I made in my weaving class.  I need to rephotograph it to capture the color and texture better.  It combines plain weave with an inlay brocade imagery.  This project was a huge moment for me and had led to more work and development.  It is also a story scarf and is titled Self Actualization.  

self actual

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