Tuesday, May 14, 2013

All in Good Time

It has been quiet around the blog for a while.  The end of the semester this year was partially grueling.  Final critiques, tests and then juried show deadlines all sat and waited to pounce on me.

I was sad to see the semester go.  My weaving class was wonderful - once all the students gelled and began to talk to each other.  We produced three projects - a tapestry, twill-overshot scarf with dark warp and a final brocade scarf (inlay weaving).

Twill Overshot Table Runner

I accidentally left my tapestry at school - I need to go eventually and pick it up.  My brocade weaving needs to have one side of the fringe adjusted and then it will be photographed.  Learning brocade has led to a whole new side of weaving for me.  It really gelled and I have a lot of plans with this technique.

The History of Photography class was always interesting always a bit puzzling.  Much of the work we looked at was conceptual and challenging.  Photography is hard to get one's head around.  What is it exactly?  The end of the semester the students presented on a topic we have been researching for most of the semester.  This turned out to be surprisingly interesting.  Food photography, Islam and photography and specific artist were highlighted   I researched and spoke about the work of Lia Cook.  Cook combines photography and weaving together and it really appeals to my technical brain.  I first learned of her work in an episode of Craft in America and then every time I picked up a weaving resource I'd see her name.  The more I learned about her and her weaving, the more I wanted to know.

The other big news is last week I mailed in an entry to my first juried show.  I don't know if my work will be accepted, but even so I feel like I accomplished something.  I felt nauseous on the day that I put the required paperwork and images together.  Possibile rejection isn't anyone's favorite thing, but I just pushed through it.  Two years of art school and my own drive have led me to some paths that I never thought possible.  I have another entry deadline approaching this summer and I hope to make a strong entry for it.

I have been working on a lot of projects now that school is out.  I feel almost more busy now, but I'm able to set my schedule.  This can be a good/bad thing.  My knitting mojo is back in a big way and I've been working on finishing up some projects.

Sound Shawlette

I finished the shawl with yarn that I bought while in Seattle.  Pattern - Seaside Shawlette by Wendy Johnson.  I call it my Soundside Shawlette in honor of my time by the Puget Sound.  The yarn is Vamp by Seattle dyer Hazel Knits.


Next I finished the first sock in my Summer Lovin' socks.  This has been on the needles a long time!  I'll cast on for the second sock this week.

I've also returned to knitting Mister's sweater.  He should have it in time for the heat and humidity of summer.  I finished the back of the sweater in December (I think), but stalled out on the front.  Last night I bound off the front and now I have two sleeves and finishing work left.  Good news is we both still love the color I custom dyed for him.

Weaving has become a large part of my life and daily language.

I made these towels as a thank you gift for a friend.  This friend cheerfully helped Mister lug not one but two heavy floor looms up our awkward stairs and into the studio.


I've been slowly working on the finishing of other weaving for the Etsy shop and for art & craft fairs.

Handspun & Dyed Twill Scarf

My summer to do list gets longer and longer.  The quilts are also begging for some work time!