Friday, March 1, 2013

Spring Break Now

Spring break is here!  It is hard to see the spring part because looking out my window right now I am seeing snow fall.  I have a lot of things planned for break.  It will mostly be a working break for me.  I have research for a paper for the history of photography to dig into.  I'm going to write about the connection of weaving and digital imaging.  It is a lot more interesting than that sounds.  Computers were in large part invented because of weaving!

I also have many quilts to push through.  I'm getting ready to submit work for two juried shows and I have a donation for the Friends of SIUE Art Auction.  This auction is special as it helps to support programming and scholarship at my school.

I have a pile of indigo fabric as well as hand dyed thread to work through.


I also need to rearrange my upstairs studio again.  I have another floor loom to add to my mix.  It will take up substantial space - more than my other loom.  I'll shift somethings around, move other things to the dye studio space and we'll see what results. Somehow it will all fit - I'm confident (or delusional).

Once again I'm linking up with Off the Wall Friday


  1. ohhh can't wait to see the quilts you're pushing through - please use us for as your cheering section - Go Mandy - Go Mandy (grin)!