Friday, March 29, 2013

Progress Towards Finishing

How does one know when a quilt is finished?  Sometimes the quilts just say - hey, I'm done.  Other times I pin them up on my design wall in my studio and live with them for a bit.  I think this one is finished.  I think.

I won't take the official photograph until I know for sure.  This quilt is heavily hand quilted.  It incorporates a lot of skills that I've picked up since childhood.   In fact the quilt is all about time which I will have to incorporate into the title.

Next is a in progress quilt.  I sketched this one out on a whim, stitched the resist thread and threw it into the vat.  It is called Kind Eye and I think it has a home waiting for it.

Today I'm spending some time caring for my indigo vat and hopefully I'll be back to dyeing.  I have some things waiting for a swim and some of them are on deadlines.

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  1. These seems to be the Friday for indigo vats! This is great, I have a vat planned for the next few weeks when I can work outside.

    1. Great! My vat lives in my basement studio, but it may join me on the patio a few months.

  2. Oooh! I love the stitched and dyed eye! I've used the technique to dye circles, but never thought about doing anything more realistic. I love the effect!

  3. More Indigo. I really like the mysterious look of the eye. Good job.