Friday, February 22, 2013

Quilt Images

Here is the result of the past week. The top is finished and I have some indigo dyed thread drying for the quilting.

Indigo dyed fabrics using stitched, tied and clamp resists

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Favorite Spots

We are having a snow day here in Missouri.  Lots of snow and it is still coming down.  I was able to run a few early morning errands and then hunker in for a productive day.  Later I'll start dinner, have a cup of tea and settle in for some spinning.  I love days like this.

I have also been doing a little weaving.  One of my favorite spots in my studio is the wall behind my loom.  It just makes me happy to look up and see everything.

weaving wall

Another favorite spot is found to the left of the loom and right under the window sill.  It is this magnetic strip that I installed for my weaving tools.  Everything is right there and easily reachable.

weaving tools

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Works in Progress

Whirl winding towards spring break.  I love this time of the semester, we are all deeply entrenched in the schedule, deadlines are set - not looming, and there is a promise of a break on the horizon.  A break to catch up, but not really relax.

I'm finding myself caught up with school things, but behind on personal work.  I have a mountain of things to photograph, a finished weaving to wet finish, quilts in numerous stages of progress, tons of things to dye and of course my blogging.

I have a few photos to share.  Forgive the quality of the first one - I only had my phone near by to snap this one.  I was unbinding my indigo pieces that I stitched this past weekend and the Missouri Fiber Artists retreat and found a happy accident.  I used beads to help maintain a circle resist as they were all I had with me.  Beans, rocks and such can be used for the same effect, but I had beads on hand.  Apparently they were not color fast. They have left behind a residue of red-purple, with a red halo and then the bound white line where the thread resisted the indigo. I hope the color holds with the washout.


On the looms I have many works in progress.  At home, I have threaded a scarf to play with a twill weave structure.  I used a teal sock yarn that I've had in my stash forever and a little accent of handspun that was from a crazy random batt I made last year.  This handspun as everything in it - wool, alpaca, silk, bamboo and some firestar for sparkle.


At school we are finishing up tapestry weaving.  Tapestry weaving is very time consuming and brain consuming.  I both love it and hate it.  I does requite a lot of Zen mindfulness, but sometimes it is hard for me to work out in my head what I need to do next.  Of course now that my piece is finished, I'm already thinking I'll warp a loom at home to do more of it.  Here is an in progress picture.


I have an in progress quilt to show as well.  This one has been giving me a bit of trouble.  I'm not sure what direction to go in yet so it will be set aside until I figure it out.  The herons on this quilt were screen printed last semester at school onto white fabric.  I then painted the white fabric with Dye-na-flow to remove the starkness. I used a paper stencil to do a bit of sun printing, but the light wasn't great so I have more of a ghost image of a heron in flight.  Do you see it?

heron quilt