Friday, December 21, 2012

Each in Our Own Way

For many the holidays are bittersweet.  I remember the times past, the people who are no longer here and traditions that have been lost.  I try to make sense of what is present and what maybe future.

This time of year has become a respite from the grind of the semester   Mister and I are both off and it is a time for us to reconnect.  He is still working away on his dissertation and enjoys some open time to dig in.  I work on various projects - spinning for a sweater, some quilts that have been dancing in my head, etc.  We join forces to repair the havoc on the house the busy schedule left in the wake.  It is a time to reflect, to connect and to relax.  All the parties have come and gone.  We are enjoying a small taste of winter weather, though our weather pattern is still off kilter.

Happy Solstice & Happy Holidays.  Blessings to you wherever you are.


Our "tree" this year.  Recycled parts from a school art project, lights, handmade dove ornament and glass ornaments.

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