Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Break in a Basket

Fall break is here and I'm using the time to take a break, get over the art department cold bug and get things done around the studio.

First up is spinning.  I have twelve ounces of Dyeabolical's Themyscira colorway that I've spun up.  I plan on plying it with grey for a sweater's worth of yarn.  I'm also doing a lot of dye work of my own.  Some are for projects and others are for the shop.  Washing fleece is also taking up some of my break time.  It feels good to get the luscious wool that I purchased this spring and summer washed up.

I also finally finished my new spinning basket.  I started this basket a few months ago and then neglected to finish it up.  It isn't perfect - a little wonky in the weaving.  I used plan split reed with indigo dyed reed.  I dyed a few rolls at school when the vat was up and running.  I have more plans to return to indigo dyework.  There were some areas where the indigo color ran onto the neighboring reed.  A coat of basket stain seems to have cleaned everything up.  I need to make more baskets so my hands don't loose muscle memory.  

I made the sheepy liner for the basket without holding the blues up to each other.  The sheep fabric is a little too blue of the indigo oak stained color.  I'm leaving it though - I just love the sheep.  I've needed a larger basket to have near a wheel while I'm working on a project.  This basket is large and will work wonderfully.

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