Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Quilts Have Returned

It has been a long time since I've made a quilt.  The last one I finished was approximately fifteen years ago.  My critique was yesterday and I have some photos to share with you today.  These aren't great photos - I'll get those when the quilt comes back to me.

The River
Indigo dyed cotton cloth, cotton batting and thread
dyed, designed, pieced and quilted by Mandy Pedigo
approx. 24" x 33"


back - gradient dyed

I have more exploring to do in indigo dyed fabric and quilting.  I'm already having another quilt bouncing around in my head with my scraps from the first one.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Indigo Postcard

The result after handling many yards of fabric and the dye pot. 

Next week I'll share the results of the yardage.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Working Studio - Work in Progress

One day I will have a large studio.  The studio of my dreams has many places to work - tables, chairs, cork walls to pin projects up, lighting that can be moved and changed, a sink, a drain, a stove, and places to hang wet fabric/yarn.  Until then, I'm making do with what I have.  My current space is a spare bedroom with a closet and is approximately 9' x 12.'  Tiny.  I thought most of the summer how to make the space best work.  First I listed tasks that I used the room for to keep my design focused and to figure out what I needed to consider.

My list:
some recreation

I then began searching for ideas of what kind of furniture would best utilize the space and serve the various needs.  I knew I needed a variety of surfaces for a computer, sewing machine, drum carder, design/drawing, etc.  I also knew I wanted shelf space for books, display and to hold some of my items.  Next I considered storage needs.  Fiber and other art supplies take up a lot of room. I also have the spinning wheel herd to consider.  I began to draw and draft out my ideas and measure out space needs.  I settled on Closetmaid modular furniture from Target.  It doesn't have a large footprint, could be changed around to fit the needs of future spaces, I could add to it in the future and it wasn't expensive.  I also chose to build up rather than out.  I didn't want all the floor space to be occupied and since there wasn't much of it it made sense to go up.  The addition of wall mounted shelves on one wall also was a logical choice.
Entry wall - bookcase, winding station, desk and wall shelves.

Perhaps one of my favorite features of the room is my desk.  The desk is from The Container Store and is The Walnut Cache Desk.  It is fantastic.  Clean lines, sturdy, real wood, small footprint and tons of storage.  It features a large (huge) drawer for all you bits and bobs.

Closetmaid cube shelves -stacked 

My sewing machine and drum carder sit on two units each (drawer and long shelf) with a length of wood covered in contact paper attached to the top.  It is great horizontal surface.  My sewing machine is easily disconnected and stored on the floor for another surface for painting/creating.  The under units happily hold baskets and bins for supplies.

The other long wall in the room is mostly claimed by the spinning wheels.  For now I have a small cork board for design pin us.  Sometime soon, it will be replaced by a queen bed size cork wall for pinning up quilt pieces, fabrics, etc.  I also love my spice rack that holds paint, glue, etc.

Wheel parking

It is hard to photograph a small room.  Though the room is small my current room design is working wonderfully.  I haven't approached maxing out my storage room and that is a very good thing.  My closet (not pictured) was fully gutted and cleaned out.  Only things that I use on a regular bases hold real estate there.  The remainder of things to be store have moved on to new locations in the house.  I hope to paint the walls soon and maybe in the summer time remove the hideous pink carpet the former resident left for me.

For now the next project is to work on some valance ideas for the window.  The hideous roll shade serves its purpose, but the window needs some work.

Sunday, October 7, 2012


Indigo dyed cloth samples of different tied dye resists - various techniques from Japan, India and African tribes.   The piece in the bottom left is a silk scarf that I picked being tied last week.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Two Bottles of Beer

in the stew.  A few weeks ago a friend took my advice and got herself a claypot for cooking.  It didn't take her long to invent a sort of stew that was a big hit.  It has been a long tedious day so I upped the beer count by one.