Thursday, September 13, 2012

Postcard from the Art of School

I've spent this week kicking myself for taking four studio classes this semester.  On paper it totally looked doable.  Physically, it is doable, but it is exhausting.  Each night I crawl into bed so very grateful for bed. I'm longing to get back into the dye kitchen, spin, and work on my quilt.  I have kept up on knitting, and I'm glad to have a project with me during class breaks.

I'm knitting Leaflet Cardigan from Knitty out of my Allistar fleece handspun.  This is a top down sweater and it has gone by really quickly.  I'm finishing up the ribbing on the bottom of the body, then I'll work up the sleeves.  I may have to spin up a bit more of the fleece to finish up.  The sweater has gotten a lot of compliments.  The color really draws attention.  It is finally cooling off so I'm really looking forward to getting a lot of wear out the top.

It might not look exciting now, but after blocking look out!

I'm still working on my Cassidy cardigan.  My main hold up now is deciding if I'm going to knit the hood or modify a collar for it.  Mister is soon to have a sweater on the needles.  He has requested a blue plain sweater.  I'm waiting for the yarn to come in and I'll work on dyeing up something exciting for him.  


  1. I need to try a top down sweater. Yours will be beautiful!

    1. Thank you! Top down sweaters are so fun to knit. Plus you can try it on as you go along. Of course I did misplace my Try It On Tubing.