Tuesday, August 21, 2012

All Wound Up

This past weekend I began as a large household improvement.  My office/studio had been vexing me for ever.  There wasn't enough space, enough storage or enough work space.  There was too much clutter, too much horizontal space which quickly became a magnet for junk and too much ambient clutter for me to really focus and work.  I'm still in the final stages of the transformation, but I thought I'd share a victory story.

For a long time winding yarn was problematic.  I never really had a space to leave my swift and ball winder out.  Winding bobbins for weaving was a headache.  Each time I wanted to wind yarn or bobbins, I would first need to find the equipment and then secure it for use.  No more.

The Winding Station

Swift, ball winder, weaving bobbin winder, and plenty of storage!

Puppy snips attached so I always have scissors handy to cut yarn, crochet cotton to tie off skeins, weaving bobbins in various sizes.

I used a wire shelf that we already had (plus an extra shelf that wasn't being used) and pipe brackets to secure a wooden board (covered in shelf liner) to the shelf.

I rigged up some casters on the shelf legs.  I can wheel the unit to position it where I need it.  Plus, I can take off the swift and winders should I ever need an additional work surface.

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