Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tour de Fleece and de Seattle

It is that time of year again....

I've been spinning away for the Tour de Fleece.  I've already completed on goal, to finish my PAL  Somemore fleece yarn.

I've started knitting my KAL Mystery Summer Solstice Shawl by Wendy Johnson with my first skein (the shawl is the knitted heap in the upper left corner).  I won't show progress of this knitting right now since there maybe people knitting this along with me. Gotta keep the mystery going.  I'm thinking I'll knit the other skein into another shawl.  Perhaps I'll spin up a white  Corriedale and a silver Corriedale/Merino cross fleeces and make a Color Affection shawl the knit world is mad for.

My other goal for the TdF is to work on spinning the singles from Allistar's fleece.  It seems like I've been working in this project forever.  I'm not sure how many spinning days I'll get in with work for the shop, etc.

Mister and I are getting ready to head out of town for a few days soon.  We are going to Seattle and I'm beside myself with excitement.  It will be lovely to get out of the Midwest heat and humidity we've been sunk into.  It will be lovely to see mountains and the ocean again!  It will be lovely to sneak into a few knit stores and look around.  I'll be sure to take lots of pictures to share.  It is a short trip, but it is well timed.  Mister lived in Seattle back in the day and is anxious to show me around.

Shop News

Look for a shop update tomorrow. I've been back in the dye kitchen after an extended break.

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