Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sock Curse

So I've been knitting a pair of socks for a long time.  Actually, I haven't been knitting on them actively for a while.  According to my Ravelry project page for them, I started them in August of 2011.  I started them for Mister, but having gone up a needle size they looked to be more my size.  Oops.  So I moved on and kept knitting them.  Until I forgot them and they got buried on my desk by papers to file, etc.  Some other knitting had come along, school heated up and I forgot them.  Poor socks.

I cleaned my desk off and found them.  I was down to the toe decreases and I took them up to my LYS to sit and finish the work on them.  Boom - I had a finished sock.  Then I forgot them again.  I don't know when I rediscovered them.  I needed a simple mindless project to take with me to knit night and various other places.  I cast on and began the plunge to the heel.  I was knitting away through many knit nights.  I turned the heel (my favorite part of socks) and felt happy.  Soon these poor socks would be finished.  On our trip to Seattle these were my plane knitting flying out.  I decreased the gusset and things were magical - until....

One afternoon in Seattle, I had a length of time to wait for Mister while he had a meeting.  I sat outside in the glory of the Northwest July and knit.  I had a glass of iced tea, a breeze, people watching and my thoughts to keep me company.  I knitted, thought long thoughts and waited.  Then I looked down at my knitting to see when I should stop decreasing for my foot.  It seemed to be taking forever to get back to my original number of stitches after the heel (72 stitches - 36 stitches on each needle - magic loop if you must know).

Top of foot needle stitch count: 36
Bottom of food needle stitch count: 20


So then I spent some time enjoying my surroundings while I pulled my needles out and ripped back to where I needed to have stopped decreasing.  I put my needles back in and laughing at myself I continued to knit a large section again, this time correctly.

I didn't get much chance to knit again on the trip and didn't pick them back up until knit night.  Knit night was a bit chaotic that night - lots of conversations and people in and out.  I was distracted.   I wondered how close I was getting to the toe decreases so I found my first sock to compare with the in progress sock. When I matched the socks up, something didn't seem right.  There seemed to be a discrepancy with the size.  The first sock seemed slightly smaller than the second sock.  After all the stitch pattern was a variation of ribbing and we all know that ribbing pulls the fabric in.  My second sock has been handled and stretched by the needles.

I didn't really pay this all too much attention.  I was distracted, and I told myself the cursed phrase that many knitters have thought before - "Oh, it is fine.  I'll just keep knitting."

The next night I was at an event with Mister and I had some time to knit.  It was quiet during the early moments of the event and I pulled out my knitting.  The first sock came out with second and then it hit me.  It wasn't fine.  Sometime was undeniably wrong.

Can you see what it is?


  1. In the words of Homer Simpson...DOH!

  2. I don't know! Tell me,tell me! Different needle sizes?