Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Seattle Post

It is hard to say when exactly I fell in love with Seattle.  

We arrived two hours late from a flight delay.  Mister and I arrived hungry and wonky from the flight.  We checked into our hotel and I searched for a local diner.  

Mister and I love local diners, hole in the wall places that sometimes look iffy on the outside.  We found Beth's Cafe and discovered it is a bit of a legend.  Twelve egg omelets are their speciality.  Yep.  Twelve.  12. One dozen eggs.  Good grief!  Mister and I kept our order modest and went for smaller mini affair.  The table next to us did not.  The young men had three omelets delivered to them and they suddenly were stunned into silence for several beats. 
We ate our dinner/breakfast at 1 am to the steady techno beat blasting from a speaker perched above Mister's head.  The walls are coated with the art efforts of many dinners.  There isn't an inch of wall space left unadorned and some of the space was stacked two to four crayon drawings deep.

Over the next few days we explored Seattle.  Mister lived there long ago and showed me the sights that he dearly loved and places that had become legendary in his stories.  

There was green everywhere. 

Building design took in account the landscape and wasn't jarring.  It reminded me of Frank Lloyd Wright's believe that the building should integrate into the surroundings.  Even commercial buildings followed this principal.

Then there was the Puget Sound.  I think upon first catching a glimpse of it is when I really fell hard.  Seattle has all the things on my list of want to haves in a place to call home.  Mountains, water and cooler climate.  It packs quite a punch.

View on the ferry from Edmonds to Kingston, WA.

The ferry fascinated me.  So many moving parts, people and vehicles.  

Pulling into Kingston, WA.  The engines reverse to reduce speed.
I didn't photograph much of our trip.  I tried to stay in the moment and enjoy each bit of it.  We had such a good time and have much left to do on return trips.  I loved the pace of Seattle.  I love the creative energy that pulses around.  I felt something change inside me and I loved how I felt while we were there.  I want to live here someday.  I hope soon.  I experienced what John Denver once sang about in the mountains.  Home can very defiantly be somewhere you have never been before.  Sometimes the land just knows your name.

Sunset on the Sound

Now that we are back, I'm struggling to find my footing again.  Re-entry is tough but I'm soothing some of my pangs for Seattle with yarn.  I picked this beautiful yarn up at The Fiber Gallery.  I asked the nice woman for locally dyed yarn and they delivered.  The color way is Vamp in the Artisan Sock base by Hazel Knits.  I'm knitting a shawl that I'm calling Soundside Shawl (original is Seaside Shawlette by Wendy Johnson).

Before we left, I managed to sneak a quick shop update on my Etsy shop.  I didn't have time to tell you all about it before, so be sure to check it out now.  I'm hoping that someone buys the fiber in the top left square soon.  It is calling me and I might be forced to snag it if you don't!

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