Friday, July 13, 2012

Post Seattle Surge

So a few day after we returned form Seattle I was down.  Trip hangover, Seattle mourning, re-entry - whatever you want to call it.  But on Wednesday I had a surge.  I wanted to work, and its lasted a few days now.  I warped my loom to weave handspun, I began spinning a beaded yarn, I made batts for the shop, I spun a batt, I ordered some new colors of dye to play with and I stayed up with my brain in creative overdrive.  It was hard to keep up with myself!

As a result, I updated the shop this morning.

I'm taking the day to catch up on my mystery shawl knit along, to weave and sort through the various fibers that I've pulled out during the frenzy.  I'm also going to cast on for a new shawl out of my hand paint.  Craft show season will be soon here, and I best get some booth samples together.    

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