Friday, June 1, 2012

Weekend Plans

I have a few plans for this weekend and most of them I'll be flying solo on.  Mister is getting pretty busy with music gigs and prepping for the summer semester.  The life of a musician and mathematician can be pretty interesting.  While Mister is away, I plan to use the yarn that I spun this week (remember the mohair/silk blend from Tuesday?) to weave a scarf with some hand dyed yarn as the warp.

Handspun worsted weight yarn 180 yards

Next is I'm FINALLY casting on my Cassidy cardigan.  I ordered the yarn in January and it arrived in March.  I sat it my desk and looked at it for a while.  Three weeks ago I began to swatch and then set the partial swatch aside for other projects.  Yesterday I finally sat down and finished it, washed and block the swatch.  Today I measured for gauge and cast on.  Hopefully the sweater won't continue to be a black hole of time.  I guess it depends on how fast I knit and if other projects begin to flirt with me.  So far the biggest competitors for time will be the fleece.

Lastly, I plan on heading out for the Rendezvous at Fort De Chartres.  I went last year and it was a lot of fun.  We've had a cool snap here and I'm really hoping it holds for the weekend.  Last year it was beastly hot, especially for the reenactors in period clothing.  Yikes!

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