Friday, June 8, 2012

Waterlogged Plans

I meant to blog earlier.  I wanted to share what has been happening around here.  Like the handspun scarf that I finished, the art yarn, and the silk yarn that I finished the other day.  

I wanted to share how much I was enjoying working with Somemore's fleece and how it is just a glorious color.

Instead, I've been dealing with a horrendous mess.  Late last night I heard water running and in my sleepy state figured it was our neighbors.  Then I realized that I've never heard their water before.  Down in the kitchen pouring from under the sink water was spilling all over.  It took a bit to figure out where, and we shut off the master valve.  Today we are drying out, and trying to fix a ruptured dishwasher hose.  It has been a multiple trip to the store kinda day.  Blah.

Hope your Friday has been a lot more damp than mine and filled with handspun, knitting and spinning.

Next week, I'm back in the dye kitchen and gearing up or Tour de Fleece.

1 comment:

  1. What a way to wake up! Hope there wasn't to much damage. Loving your yarn!