Monday, June 4, 2012

Spinning Wheel Flock

Please meet Saffron.

Saffron is joining my flock of wheels.  She was purchased from a grandparents' house clean out and is in remarkable condition.  She is a 1974 Hallcraft 2710 spinning wheel from a kit.  She arrived with manual, color brochure and a nice booklet on spinning.  These wheels were made in Ohio and sold by a furniture company.  They arrived in pieces and needed sanding, assembling and finishing. 
Her finish is a nice 1970s orange glow over maple.  I was wondering about stripping it out and refinishing her.  But after a day, her orange-ness is becoming charming.  The wood is in good condition and the finish is pretty intact.  The grandparents did a fine job protecting the wheel from their now grown grandchildren.

I've seen kit wheels at my spinning group before and grabbed her.  We had some time together tweaking and making her spin.  I had to find a drive band she liked and replace some of her leathers.  A little oil and away she went.  Her orfice is quite small and her flyer hooks are too.  She spins quite nicely and I'm impressed with her.  

So the wheel flock now numbers at four.  I'm still on the lookout for my Scandinavian dream wheels (Finnish wheel with arched uprights & a slanty Swedish wheel) to honor family heritage.  I'd also like a Frank Fell/Mayfield wheel.  I know that one day the family will grow to include these wheels.  I hope by then Mister and I have a little more space.


  1. Hello. I have one of these as well and am looking to sell it but can't find any information on what it should be valued at. My wheel is in great condition. If you could let me know what I could price it at I would be grateful. Thank you!

    1. Value depends on a lot of things - the area in which you live, the potential availability of buyers, how the wheel functions in making yarn, if all the parts are intact, etc. I would guess the range could fall between $75-200. It would also depend on how patient you are in waiting for the right buyer.

  2. Hi,

    I was just gifted this spindle and I am wondering if you can share the brochure with me.

    Thank you,