Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Few Things

It has been a busy week.  My summer school schedule has altered.  It turns out that I'm not taking classes this summer.  They have been canceled due to lack of enrollment.  The school just put through a really dumb rule that classes needed at least fifteen students or they would be canceled. I was told this has created a horrible headache for the advising department, visiting students and resident students.  Many art classes are small to begin with so this has greatly impacted things at my local community college.  My schedule was made in March and since I'm attending two different schools, it is very challenging to make the schedule work.  It also means I'm going to be very busy in the fall, making up classes that I should have already had.

On the tail end of the classes debacle, Mister and I have a trip that just presented itself.  We will be going to Seattle for a weekend next month.  Mister used to live there and still has friends and contacts up that way.  So we're jumping on plane and scouting around.  I'm looking forward to being near mountains and the sea!  I might have to try to find a fibery place as well.  Know any?

Knitting News

I finally finished poor Mister's socks.  He is very happy with them.  It has been in the 90s this week with a million percent humidity.  Perhaps he'll get to wear them someday....

I've also been knitting away on my Cassidy cardigan.  It is a lovely knit, but my gosh the pattern has A LOT to be desired.  I feel like I've done more writing than knitting.  In many parts there are multiple things going on a once - three cable charts, increases and decreases, etc.  To keep them all straight, I've been making notes to keep myself advised.  I finished the back and the left front sections.  I'm working on the right front, and the pattern just glibly tells me to reverse all the information from the left front.  Um, you couldn't write it out yourself?  The left front's instructions for shaping the armhole, shoulder and neckline were laughable.  I love the sweater, but I'm not sure I'll buy another pattern from this designer.

A Favorite Thing

While I've been knitting and spinning away, I've gotten hooked into a TV program from Canada (thank you Canada!).  Heartland takes place on an Alberta ranch and centers around teenager Amy, her older sister Lou, grandfather Jack and a host of other great characters.

Amy works with problem horses using methods made famous by the so called horse whisperers.  In working with various horse problems, the show also incorporates veterinary medicine along with alternative medicine.  Just like many real life situations, viewers will note that often horse problems are really people problems.  The show isn't heavy handed or preachy - they just go about their business and present everything.  

I also like the fact that not all the characters get along or are perfect.  The relationships ebb and flow and don't feel forced.  They are flawed, doing the best they can and finding away to make things work.  My only complaint is the young character, Mallory, the neighbor's daughter.  Mallory is annoying and constantly underfoot.  Why do TV shows feel the need to have this character (Full House - Kimmy)?  Mallory's character constantly gets in the way, messes things up, but in some episodes seems redeemable.  Perhaps it is uneven writing problem and a resistance to let the character evolve from just the annoying kid?

Heartland also delivers plenty of gratuitous horse glamour shots to make any barn-heart happy.  As a lifelong horse lover,  Heartland scratches multiple itches - good story lines, breathtaking landscape, and did I mention lovely horse cinema photography?

There are three seasons on Netflix, so what are you waiting for?!  Go!  I'm hoping Netflix adds more episodes soon - I'm almost out!

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