Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Silk 'N Fleece

This week has been about spinning and washing fleece.

 Wool, mohair and angora blend

I plan on plying the above with the below.  This is a silk brick that a friend gave me a few months ago.  I've never spun one before, and the prep was very different.  Not like a hankie at all and more like a carded batt.   Turns out that bricks are combed silk before they are made into combed top.  

Each time I work with silk, I'm driven to learn more.  It is a fascinating material.  Today as I was clearing out the inbox, I clicked on a Groupon Getaway message.  They had a tour for China and I was really really intrigued.  I'd love to tour the textile regions and silk factories.  Perhaps something to put on my someday list.  Maybe I can incorporate a trip into my textile studies.

Spinning the silk into a single

I made a three ply yarn - two plies of wool and one ply of the silk.  The yarn will have a soak tomorrow and Thursday I'll share the finished yarn.

My fleeces came from Gleason's Fine Woolies.  Last year, I purchased Allistar's fleece.  They year I had two coming.  The first is for the Pound Along (PAL) of GFW board on Ravlery.  A few of us have taken on the challenge of getting a pound of fiber, processing it, spinning it and then making something.  We share our progress and have agreed to a six month time frame.  
My pound of fleece is from a Bond Ewe named Somemore.  I'm in love with her fleece and happily washed it the other day.  I may have then spent the evening smelling her locks and petting them too. 
Somemore - photo credit: Gleason's Fine Woolies
The other fleece was a full fleece form Chrissy a Bond Ewe.  I am splitting Chrissy's fleece with a friend.  We asked for a morrit (brown) fleece and Joanna hooked us up with a lovely cinnamon chocolate fiber.  We each will have 3.2 lbs of fleece.  Perhaps a sweater for Mister?

Chrissy - Photo credit: Gleason's Fine Woolies
Thanks to Joanna for providing such lovely fleece and photos of the ewes.  It is lovely to have the connection of farm to finished fiber.  Gleason's Fine Woolies

Shop Update

This week also brought a shop update.  Here are some highlights.


Sherbet Sock Yarn

Flamingo Sock Yarn

Textured batt

Textured Batt Trio

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