Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fleece Count

I love the spring.  Springtime around here means shearing season and slowly fleece are starting to make their way into my waiting arms.  I have plans for them.  Big plans.  Mister will get a handspun sweater at some point from the deal.  There will be items for the shop & shows, items I'm sure for art school, and many hours of pleasure.

I love purchasing from the growers.  I love the relationships that develop over time.  I love seeing their emails pop up and saying, "Hey, Mandy we have fleece for you!"  I love putting the money in their hand and knowing that I'm supporting a business that I believe in.

This year there will be Merino cross, Bond, Shetland, Corriedale, Romney, Merino/Corriedale, Southdown and who knows what other fleeces dancing through my fingers.  Later this summer, I plan to pick up some alpaca from growers too.  The smell of wool will fill the house (sorry Mister) and I'm sure I'll start dreaming of colors and projects.  I love the spring.  It is such a creative time of year.

Local Southdown fleece from Mary the Ewe.  Splitting this fleece with a friend.


Congratulations so Nancy, the winner of the end of semester giveaway!  Nancy's yarn should be reaching her soon.  Thanks to everyone for their comments and support.  It is very much appreciated.

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