Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spinning A Yarn

This weekend was a big spinning weekend and I think this coming weekend will be too... other than starting to write my paper for contemporary art history.

Spinning Around

I posted the teaser of this yarn this weekend on Twitter and here under wordless weekend.  It is finished and I'm so happy with it.  320 yards of wool and silk three ply.  I forgot to check the weight, but will do so soon.  I love the color!

If you are on Twitter than you will have seen this picture.  I'm spinning up a blend of angora, angelina and I think a bit of wool that a friend gave me.  The fiber was carded with lots of texture and I'm letting it be textured in my spinning.  I think I'll ply it with some of my Dyeabolical Finn wool that I've been spinning up.

 Later this week I'll share more ceramics as they are starting to fly our of the kiln.  I'll also share an update for my Schoodic Cardigan.

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