Monday, April 9, 2012

First Finish

After a truly awful day, I have something positive to share.

I finished my first knit garment.  My Schoodic Cardigan is completed, but for blocking.

It fits.  I love the color - which is the result of my dyeing.  I love the yarn - a DK yarn that I call Rhythm.   I can't wait to wear it when it isn't 70 degrees (what happened to spring?)

I will block it soon and hopefully solve my one gripe about the sweater - it rolls.  The sweater is open with no buttons or zippers.  The I-cord alongside the cabling rolls outward and I'm looking to solve it.  I plan on asking my knitting guru, Georgia of Hearthstone Knits, for suggestions.

For now, I keep petting it and and admiring my first knit sweater.  I have so many more in my future.


  1. Love it! You are really, really good at this stuff! Beautiful color and pattern!

  2. i am fortunate enough to have seen this beauty in person! mandy did a great job with this one - from dying the yarn to choosing a flattering pattern for herself. wish she'd make me one!!