Monday, April 30, 2012


Have you heard?  This blog will be having a giveaway soon.

- a little birdie

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

After Camp

I'm back form camp and in re-entry recovery mode.  I had so much fun, had a great break and met so many wonderful people.  I didn't sleep a lot and I'm still catching up.  I did laugh a lot.

Desserts were wonderful.  Brownie with ice cream - yes please!

I took walks each day.  This is the view of the lake.  On my first walk, I heard a scream and figured out it was a deer.  It wasn't a friendly scream and I decided to pick up my pace a bit.  I heard it again and doubled my pace over a wooden foot bridge.  The deer was probably laughing and high fiving the others. Another camper forced to flee!  I remember the tales of deer attacking people and worried no one knew me well enough to come looking for me.

I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't take that many photos.  I was full out enjoying myself and lifting a camera fell from my mind.  I had to snap this one of the flowers in the dining area.  I love columbine and they were blooming all over the property.

I didn't knit a whole lot at camp, but I did do spinning.  One of the campers was very generous and brought her drum carder and a mountain of fiber.  I made a batt, lusted after her drum carder and spun this yarn.  It is a crazy blend of bamboo, wool and who knows what else.  I have about 115 yards of fingering camp memories here.

Monday was vendor day and I fell down a bit.  I bough some cashmere top.  Yep I said cashmere.  I wanted to put it on the bed and roll around on it.  It is lovely stuff.

Right after getting back home I cast on for a Daybreak shawl.  Daybreak was a knit along last year and many of this year's campers were wearing them.  I won the green yarn in a door prize raffle (from Fleur de Fiber) and purchased the plum colored yarn (Sun Valley Fibers)  to go with it.  I'm really enjoying working with the yarns.

I managed to squeeze a shop update in today as well.  Here are a few goodies that were listed today.  I hope to get back into the dye kitchen next week.  School is wrapping up and my time will become a little more flexible at least until summer session kicks in.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Where Has All the Mojo Gone?

Spring semester is in the home stretch.  This means projects due, final critiques, reviews and studio clean ups.  Camp KIP starts this weekend and I'm really looking forward to getting away for a bit.  I'll come back to a few things left to do for school, but a break to recharge before the final push will be welcomed.  Tonight, I'm struggling to have enough creative energy.  

I'm very excited about something I picked up this weekend.  Mister and I attended our first fiber festival of the season.  I purchased a Merino cross fleece from the farm that I bought my first fleece from last year.  This fleece has me all excited.  Despite the crappy camera phone picture, the fleece is a lovely dark gray.  The staple length is 5" and I have six pounds of it.  I believe Mister and I will be having sweaters out of this lovely fleece.  I can't wait to have time to wash it and begin.

I'll be back next week with updates on Camp KIP.  Until then it is laundry, packing and then getting away.  I still need to figure out what knitting and spinning to take with me!

Friday, April 13, 2012

How Do You Solve a Problem

Like Procrastination?

By unplugging from everything.  I just received the book Spin Art in the mail, and I've put it away.  I'm staying away from social media (well trying not to check updates).  I've put on some happy peppy big band music and I'm chaining myself to the computer.  I have got to finish this paper.

What am I writing about?

About this exhibition and focusing in on selected works:

My reward for finishing?  Tomorrow is my local sheep and craft day.  Fleeces, sheep, alpacas and friends to see.

The problem?  I love looking at art so much more than writing a paper about it.

So for now, I'm checking out.  Have a great weekend!

Monday, April 9, 2012

First Finish

After a truly awful day, I have something positive to share.

I finished my first knit garment.  My Schoodic Cardigan is completed, but for blocking.

It fits.  I love the color - which is the result of my dyeing.  I love the yarn - a DK yarn that I call Rhythm.   I can't wait to wear it when it isn't 70 degrees (what happened to spring?)

I will block it soon and hopefully solve my one gripe about the sweater - it rolls.  The sweater is open with no buttons or zippers.  The I-cord alongside the cabling rolls outward and I'm looking to solve it.  I plan on asking my knitting guru, Georgia of Hearthstone Knits, for suggestions.

For now, I keep petting it and and admiring my first knit sweater.  I have so many more in my future.

Friday, April 6, 2012

So Much to Share!

In crunch mode at school;  four weeks left and a lot to do.  I've made a plan to keep my stress levels reasonable and I'm looking forward to plowing through some work.  Camp KIP is fifteen days away and I'm looking forward to meeting new folks.   

The Art of School

More to share, fresh from the kiln.  It is fun to unload the kiln and see what everyone has been doing. I was very pleased with the way these pieces came out.  Experimenting with glazes as what you see in the pot isn't what you'll get in the end.  I've been taking notes in my sketch book about what glazes I use and I'm so glad I did.  After seeing the finished pieces, I make notes like - DON'T do this one again or YES!  Do this again.  

Flat rim bowl

Split rim bowl, made with the assistance of my instructor, Ruth Ann Reece

Small cup - I love the color on this one!

Spreading the Word

I made a trade with Laura of my knit night group - fiber for two of her spindles.  She brought them to me last night and I'm thrilled.  I've tested them both out and love them.  Laura is a very talented designer.  She knits, spins and taught herself tatting. I keep thinking I need to have her teach me how to make her lovely lace.  She has her own website and I think you should give her a look.  Now to get her to open an Etsy shop with her patterns, spindles and finished items.

 On the Needles - Update

I promised an update for my Schoodic Cardigan.  I'm making great progress.  Still miles of decreases to do for the raglan, but I'm half way through them.  Then it will be shoulders and neck shaping.

Shop Update

I finally unpacked from the craft market a few weeks ago.  I listed a few things on my Etsy shop today.

Hand knotted carnelian necklace - I LOVE this stone and the colors that it comes in.

Orchid Spinning Fiber - yummy!

Gradient spinning fiber

This weekend is a spinning (and paper writing) weekend.  Today I think I'll spin this bit of lovely up.  Perhaps it will appear in the next shop update.  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spinning A Yarn

This weekend was a big spinning weekend and I think this coming weekend will be too... other than starting to write my paper for contemporary art history.

Spinning Around

I posted the teaser of this yarn this weekend on Twitter and here under wordless weekend.  It is finished and I'm so happy with it.  320 yards of wool and silk three ply.  I forgot to check the weight, but will do so soon.  I love the color!

If you are on Twitter than you will have seen this picture.  I'm spinning up a blend of angora, angelina and I think a bit of wool that a friend gave me.  The fiber was carded with lots of texture and I'm letting it be textured in my spinning.  I think I'll ply it with some of my Dyeabolical Finn wool that I've been spinning up.

 Later this week I'll share more ceramics as they are starting to fly our of the kiln.  I'll also share an update for my Schoodic Cardigan.