Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Not Feeling It

I have a confession to make....

The Art of School

This semester has been challenging for me.  I remember this type of semester for my prior days of schooling.  I'm not feeling it and I can't wait for it to be over.  Why?  I can't put my finger on one specific thing.  My classes are going well, but I'm not enjoying myself like last semester.  I'm not feeling myself pushed further or my head blown off by some new piece of information.  I find myself most looking forward to ceramics day - there is the place where I'm happy, pushed and feeling the urge to do more and more.  Thank goodness for that class.  The rest is just meh.  I haven't long to go.   The semester is beginning to get a simmer on it that comes with the near end.

I have a finished object to show you now.  My ceramic sheep is finished.  The final firing was completed in a pit fire to give the animals a smoky look.  My camera phone isn't good at capturing the color, but he is really mottled with charcoal grey, tans and creams.  The animals from our class are on display currently and then I can get a better photograph.  I'll have to go visit him this week to see how he looks in the exhibit case.

The back of the sheep got quite a bit darker.  I love how the fire and smoke make the colors random.

Gallery Opening

In other news, if you are local you need to check out an exhibit that just opened on Friday, The Craft Alliance's 13th biennial Teapot exhibit, Hot Tea!  If you aren't local be sure to check out the online gallery.  This show will forever change your impression of teapots.

Check back later this week to see what is coming out of the dye pot!


  1. Thanks Ashley. He was so much fun to make although time consuming - especially his wooly locks!