Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Twas the Week Before Break

Hope everyone is having a good week.  I'm in the homestretch for Spring Break Part I.  The two schools I attend do not match up scheduling wise so my break will be in two parts.  I'm not complaining.  I'm feeling ready for a break although it will be a working one.  I have lots planned for next week.  My wheel parts came from the wheel restorer (more on that on Thursday).   I need to clean and work on the finish of the wheel.  I also have a fair amount of dyeing that I've been thinking about cooking up.  I then have a sculpture for one of my classes that will need some attention to be ready for a critique.

On the Needles

My Schoodic Cardigan is chugging along.  I'm really really enjoying the yarn.  The green is flecking here and there with various incarnations of greenness.  I have a lot of knitting to go, but I'm enjoying it.

Sew Anyway

My quilt is also coming along nicely.  I'm having a fantastic time combining colors and seeing the stack of arcs grow.  I need 120 arcs so I'll be at this for a bit.  My goal is 2-4 a day depending on my time.  

I've been discovering some of the lovely quilt shops in my area.  So inspiring for colors and shapes!  I've been finding inspiration in unusual places as well.  I have a pile on my worktable of scraps from sewing.  It is so dynamic with the lines, textures and colors.  

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