Monday, February 6, 2012

The Ewe-Niverse of Possibilities

Time seems to be speeding up!  My semester is chugging along and I'm enjoying my classes immensely.  I had my ceramics class today and I'm already looking forward to class on Wednesday.  I'm jazzed about my art history class and my 3D design classes as well.  Each day has its own joys and by Friday, my day "off," I'm pleasantly exhausted.

I still haven't managed to snap a photo of Mister in his new hat.  I started and finished a hat for me out of the lovely falkland handspun yarn I shared with you.  Perhaps I can get both pictures taken this week.  

From the Dye Pot

I've been doing a bit of dyeing lately.  I dyed this lovely BFL sock yarn using mixed acid dyes and a resist to leave white flecks.  I call the color Ewe-Niverse.  Perhaps I was inspired by a work by artist, Thomas Joseph.  I purchased a card from my LYS of this print.


I have also been dying up some spinning fiber.  Here is the wild result of a color experiment.  Once it is dry, I plan to spin it up on my Dutch wheel.
Loom with a View

I splurged a bit lately.  I recently joined up for Spunky Eclectic's weaving club.  This means that I'll receive yarn and a pattern a few times a year.  Since my loom is often left with a pending project, I decided another loom was in order.  You see the rabbit hole gaping open, don't you?  One loom leads to another, which leads to another....  

I decided to pick up Schacht's Cricket loom.  It is small, super portable and perfect for weaving in bed while watch series on Netflix.  I can also take it on trips and to my knit night.  It came the other day and within hours I had assembled it, warped it up and began a project.  I'm using my Ewe-niverse yarn along with Cascade's heritage silk sock yarn in a silvery gray. 

 Coming soon....

I forgot to share this a few weeks ago.  I signed up for a quilting class.  I have a feeling that I'm about to fall down another rabbit hole.  I've been wanting to take a quilting class since I was in high school, but I never managed to make it happen.  I was at a fabric store picking up a pattern and some fabric for a new knitting bag (on the right - yep, that is sheep fabric!).  Upon entering the store when I saw a sample quilt that just gave me a kick (pattern book on the left).  My class is on a Saturday in few weeks and I'm very much looking forward to it.

In honor of rabbit holes, I'll leave you with this video.

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