Friday, February 24, 2012

Colorful Regrouping

The week is over and I'm settling in for some time to regroup and make progress on personal projects.  I love Fridays.  I don't have to be anywhere and generally they are work days.  I can set my own schedule and my own pace.  Today is a day "off."

I've been hoarding the season finale of Downton Abbey and soon I'll tuck myself in to watch it with some tea a friend gifted to me.  I have a sweater quantity of yarn finishing dyeing for the new Hannah Fettig pattern, Schoodic Cardigan.

This means I have three sweaters in my pending knitting pile.  My Cassidy is on hold while the yarn is back ordered.  The sweater that I'm spinning Allistar's fleece for, The Autumnal Cardigan (also by Hannah Fetting, is still in progress of spinning.

So it looks like the Schoodic Cardigan will beat the others to the needles.  My first knit sweater!  Once the  yarn is dry, I'll swatch for gauge and be off and knitting.

After I catch up with the folks at Downton, I'll probably wander into the studio to do some quilting.  I'm making progress, but I have a lot yet to do.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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