Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Clay and I

It has been a long time since I've shared art school happenings.

The Art of School

I thought I'd share a few projects that I've been working one at school.  The first is from my 3-D class.  Our assignment was to use dowel rods and found wood to create a structure that rocked, was at least 4 feet in length and to find a place in the art building to install it.  We then had to paint it to camouflage it in the setting of our choice.   The project was all about line.  I love the natural arcs of the found wood and echoed it in the few dowels that I used. The color is a little off with the camera phone, I also wish I could have shown the rocking motion.

The next piece is a split lip bowl that I made with some help of my instructor, Ruth Reece.  She is a fantastic teacher and I really enjoy learning from her.  I love clay and wheel throwing pieces is challenging and so rewarding.  Of course, I've had my epic fails.  I've gotten the feel for bowls, but my body and mind are having some challenges in downsizing to cups.  I have to make four bowls and four cups for the class.  We have six weeks left to do this and I have time to practice, fail and hopefully succeed.  I'm starting to dream about ceramics now in addition to quilts.  I guess I'm well and truly hooked.

Curious about the process of making a bowl?  Here is a lovely video that shows the art and makes it look very easy (hint: it isn't).

Camp KIP

It has been awhile since I mentioned this, but Camp KIP is fast approaching (April 21-24th).  It will be a bit tricky as I'll miss classes on Monday and Tuesday.  I still have to clear it with my instructors, but I'm set to go.  Registration closes on March 11th so if you want to go - register soon!  I'm planning on packing a wheel or two as well as some knitting projects.  It will be good to have a getaway and I'm looking forward to meeting new people.  Maybe I'll see you there?

Spinning Around

I mentioned the other day that I received my wheel parts back.  When I purchased my CPW, a few of the parts were in need of attention.  The bobbin and whorl were chipped.  The flyer was missing some hooks and the wheel needed a footman (was transfers the motion of the treadle to turn the wheel).  I sent them off to Merlin Tree to be made new again.  I received a large box last Friday and I was delighted by what I found inside.  The old bobbin was repaired and the whorl too.  I thought the wheelwright would have to start from scratch, but he recycled and made them pristine.  I'm in awe of the work that was done.  It is amazing that something so old, can be still used and still look so beautiful.  This wheel lived in a barn for many years.  Thankfully the barn was dry.

New leathers have been added and some other problems fixed beautifully.  Now all I have to do is clean up the wheel, remove the old finish and reseal everything.  I'm hoping that I'll have nice weather next week to do the job on the patio.  I still have to measure for the footman and call in the size that I need.  I'm using a coat hanger as a temporary fix.

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