Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Add Quilting to the List

I am finally feeling human again from the attack of the sinus monsters.  Our weather has been so weird here in the Midwest.  One day it is warm, the bugs come out, the spring flowers grow a little more out of the ground and people start sneezing.  The next day it is chilly and the birds look a little put out by the sudden change.

It was pointed out today in class that we have two weeks remaining until Spring Break.  Yikes!  That means the halfway point of the semester is crashing into us soon.  There is so much to do and time is running out.

Sew Anyway

I'm finding enough time to do my own thing.   This past weekend I attended my first quilting class.  What I was afraid of happened.  I loved it.  I remembered how much I love to sew, sort through fabrics, and think of ways to put them together.  And so, I'm in big trouble again.  I come from a family of fantastic seamstresses.  My mom even quilted a bit here and there.  I'm not really surprised.  My thought for beginning my textile studies was to bring all my past experiences and unite them together into a working whole.  So I took another step towards my destination.

A few weeks ago, a dear friend passed along some back issues of Quilting Arts Magazine.  If you haven't seen this periodical, you must flip through it sometime.  These quilts aren't the ones I had as a child.  They are textiles brought to the next level.  They are what I've been longing to do.  I've been tucking myself in at night with an issue.   I've found a lot of fine art techniques (printmaking, oil painting, etc)  brought to a very traditional craft medium.  It is exciting and I can see it pushing my color studies to another level.

My class was excellent and the teach was fantastic.  We learned a lot of basics, learned to paper piece a quilt and got a move on for the class project.  I learned about a fantastic new to me seam ripper that makes sewing a whole lot less awful.  I am throwing out all my old ones!  This one is flat and has the blade at the tip.  No more fiddling with a thick, bulky one that only tightens stitches!

I have a lot more work to do before I reach quilt stage, but this is my start.  The middle spike pieces were finished during class and the rest of the squares are cut and waiting to be assembled.  Can you say hello color?

Shop Update

My big accomplishment is a shop update.  I've been dyeing and working on items for a few weeks and I'm very pleased with how they came out.   Everything was listed last night and is up now for your browsing pleasure.  Mister already snagged a skein of yarn for socks!

Some highlights:
Silk Hankies
Spinning fibers

Missouri grown hand dyed Shetland roving

Sock Yarn

Handspun/Handwoven scarf

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