Monday, January 23, 2012

Road Buddies

Mister and I took road trip this weekend to southwestern Missouri.  It all started off quite innocently.  I found an ad on Craig's List for a spinning wheel, I thought about the wheel for a month and then suddenly we had a trip planned to get it.

We decided to stay overnight because six hours of driving was not really appealing.  After doing some searches, we picked The Dicky House Bed and Breakfast in Marshfield, Missouri to stay in.

We were really really REALLY happy with our selection.  Our cottage suite was ENORMOUS!

And complete with a fireplace to spin next too.  It was heaven; my only regret was that we couldn't stay longer.  We enjoyed the town as well.  We had dinner with a VERY large party of people.  We were finishing our dinner when a lady came up to apologize for the noise.  She was having her 82nd birthday and was surprised with a party by her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.  We wished her a very happy birthday and assured her we weren't bothered by them at all.

Now for the part you are no doubt curious about.  Here she is:

When I first saw her pictures, I didn't know what this string with the ball was

It holds the flyer in place and allows for it to be removed to change the bobbin.

Leather folds over 
Secured with the string band

I love her undulating wood turnings

I love the triangular treadle.
Here is a fun video that I made with my new Macbook of the wheel in action.

The wheel hasn't told me what her name is yet.  I'm looking for a Dutch name for her.  Big thanks to Mister for insisting that this wheel should come home with us.  I had been looking at her ad for a long time.  I hadn't seen many of this type of wheel before and I loved that the wheel is Dutch.  Mister lived in the Netherlands back in the day.  We have many friends that live or have lived there as well. It just seemed to pull at me and now she is home.

While we were in the area Mister and I did some antiquing.  We found many other spinning wheels and I snapped their pictures with my phone.  No, these wheels didn't come home with us. 

This one was so sad.  It was just the table and the upper part of the wheel.  No legs, footman or treadle.  The wood was rough and it makes me wonder if is an unfinished woodworking project.

Little wheel snapped from on top of a display cabinet.  Price was shockingly high!

Lovely flax wheel - flyer broken and repaired; missing the distaff

Micro mini wheel - decorative object

Gorgeous green beauty.  Needs some TLC and cleaning.  Missing distaff.  Needs some flyer work.  Remove green and gold paint as well?

Great Wheel/Walking Wheel - missing spinning parts

I love traveling with Mister.  We take these road trips and it is never really about the destination, but what we find along the way.  This trip was quick, but filled with memories.  Now if we can plan a trip to find the other three wheels on my wish list: Frank Fell/Mayfield wheel, a Finnish wheel and a Swedish wheel...


  1. B&B room looks great! Love the video!

  2. Love the wheel video,what a fun trip!

  3. Glad you all liked the video! Thanks for your comments.