Friday, January 27, 2012

Inside of a Mix

It has been one of those weeks.  You know the ones - good and bad all folded into some sort of batter.

There was the visiting artist that demonstrated and talked about his ceramics.  He was fascinating and I had many moments that gave me many more moments to ponder.  Here is a photo of Russell Wrankle and one of his hares.

Later that day, my car threw up all of the oil and was taken to the hospital.  Mister and I worked clean up crew to not leave a mess of the parking lot that we managed to coast into.  The car guy said - sorry, engine is gone.

In ceramics class, we learned how to make stoneware clay.  It was really messy and a lot of fun.  Riding off the inspiration left by Russell, we began our first project.  We selected an animal and made maquettes (model sketches).  Working with the clay made me feel so much better about the week.

Mister and I are going to spend out weekend working, researching car options and possibly doing a art gallery crawl.  Lots of galleries are opening this weekend with new shows.  I'm in search of inspiration and a topic for paper/presentation for my contemporary art class.  Regarding car options, perhaps I should just do what I've threatened each time my car was in the shop - get a mule.  After all this person did:

Mule tied out in front of a Steak N Shake in Southern Missouri.   Stopped on one of our many road trips.
 No oil leaks, fuel efficient and his emissions are good for the garden.  Perfect!

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