Monday, December 5, 2011

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It is cold today in St. Louis.  Not really news, but today is the first day of winterish cold air for the season.  It was a damp, pre-snow cold that signals that things are changing.  This wicked cold has given me a booted kick in the rump to get going on some woolies for cold protection.  I'm set to work on my sheep mittens tonight.

Off the Needles

I finished my green Gretel hat.  I managed to snap a picture before putting her in a bath.  I love cabled berets and this one is so lushly dense.  I knit the slouchy version and shortened the rows quite a bit.  It was looking HUGE.

On the Needles

The other day I cast on socks for Mister.  When I was dyeing up yarn I asked him what color he'd like for socks and he said blue.  He's getting a semi-solid electric blue.  Mister is fun to knit for - he really appreciates handwork.

I'm making good progress on my handpainted shawl.  I decided to do green stripes with Wollmeise yarn.  Not sure what I'll do next, but I'm still enjoying this knit.

Spinning Around

I began spinning up my fleece from Gleason's Fine Woolies.  Allistar's fleece is a soft hot chocolate and just gleams.  I still need to wash most of the fleece, but I do have eight ounces ready.  I'm planning on spinning for a sweater, so it will be a long term project.  I'm not in a hurry as I just love his fleece.  I'm doing a simple prep for his fleece - just flicking locks at the wheel and spinning right from the lock.

I think the results speak for themselves.

Other News and Ramblings

There is a special woman in my knitting group that got a wild hair to make up some project bags.  She then generously gifted us all one.  Holy cow, they are fantastic!  I'm using mine for my shawl project and I may commission her for another few.  They are the perfect size.  Isn't it cute?

A big THANK YOU to Mister for giving up his Sunday to help me work the artisan fair.  We had a great day.  Fantastic conversation, some very precocious children (my favorite kind) and great feedback.  Many folks were surprised to learn that I make my own things.  We were surrounded by fair trade booths, so I guess it is understandable for the surprise.  Fair trade has gotten into the wallet of many shoppers, which is fantastic   Independent artisans also need to spread the word that things are still being made by hand locally too.  

I saw this posted in my Facebook feed today by a local knit store.  They titled it cutest ever, but I'm not so sure.  I found it a little creepy.  What do you think?  I'll leave you to watch it. 

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