Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Post Holiday Haze

I hope your holidays are are going well and you are well rested from the festivities.  I'm smack dab in the middle of another creative surge!  I could just stop sleeping a few more hours - I might be able to catch up with myself.  I've also hit the books big time (thank you very much author, Katrina Kittle)!  So many things to do!

Loom with a View
I finished weaving Mister's scarf out of the Dyeabolical yarn.  I need to finish the fringe, give it a bath and clip my ends.  I'm very proud of this scarf and I think Mister will like it.

While I was finishing, another weaving project sprang to mind.  I had planned on taking a break from weaving to focus on spinning and knitting, but I'm being urged to wrap up the loom and at least get a start on something new.  Here is the colors that flocked together - handspun, left over bits of Dream in Color Baby and Starry yarns (pretty silver bits here and there), lushness mohair and blue loveliness from Wollmeise.

On the Needles

Still working on my hand-painted shawl with green Wollmeise.  It is getting big and I'm cranking on the 4x3 ribbing.  I figure I'll just keep working until I run out of yarn.  I love this shawl and it catches everyone's eye. Wish I could accurately capture the colors.

This next project should be filed under, BACK on the needles.  These are my Slippery Socks that I finished back in February.  They were my first pair of socks ever.  The second sock was fine, but the first sock was bullet proof.  I frogged the first one and I've started knitting it again.  I love these socks and I really want to wear them.

Holiday Gift

I got the most awesome gift from Mister.  He always put so much thought into his gifts and he really out did himself this year.  He presented me with a CD of songs a mix that he played and recorded.  He has mixed some others and put them up on Youtube.  I thought I'd share them with you.

Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata

Vince Guaraldi's Vince Guaraldi's Christmas Time is Here

Vince Guaraldi'sVince Guaraldi's Christmas Time is Here

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  1. Shawl! Gorgeous shawl! Want gorgeous shawl! I'm really looking forward to seeing it on you! It is spectacular!

    Happy New Year!