Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Commitment 2012

Way back in December of 2010, I made a list of my 2011 commitments to myself.  I've gone back to look at them, assess where I am and where I want to be in 2012.

Completed 2011 Intentions
  • Knit socks.
  • Complete the Loopy Ewe's First Quarter Challenge 2011.  
  • Knit something Fair Isle 
  • Clean, sort and GET RID of crap in basement, closets, etc. - Basement sewer back up took care of this one unfortunately.
  • Find something I really love to do vocation wise (where we end up will have its effects) - find a job I love, go back to school, develop a serious business or a business plan based one what I already do. 
  • Continue to expand our network of healthy, supportive, awesome friends
  • Take a photography class
  • Be more conscious of spending time with Trinket
  • Walk the dogs at least four times a week. Completed though not totally faithfully.

Overall, I complete most things I set out to do.  I had a lot of additions to my life this year and that took up a lot of time (spinning, dyeing, weaving and going back to school).  It was a good year.  Busy, full, and very adventurous.  I've given up making predictions anymore.  I would have never guessed I would go back to school for art, yet it was a very good and right decision.  Mister is still plugging away at his dissertation and we hope the end is in sight.  Mister is also starting a new job in January and we hope that it will lead to long term gladness.  

Here is small photo look at my year.  It looks like the year of the fleece and handspun!

Perhaps my favorite thing about the year was our trip to New Orleans in January.  We were there for a math conference and to see the city.  I had visited pre-Katrina and was anxious to see it again.   I loved New Orleans, and I was anticipating Mister loving it too.  He did and we still talk about our time there - and the food.  

Just in time for the New Year, I finished my hand painted and Wollmeise shawl.  I still need to block it, but here it is in the morning light.

2012 is inching ever closer and I've been thinking about what I want to accomplish.   
  • Knit a sweater (a re-list from last year).  Currently, I'm spinning my Allistar fleece for a sweater.
  • The year of hand dyed yarns - Expand my hand dyed yarns - play with color, weave with it, and who knows you might start seeing it in the shop
  • Continue to embrace school

Brief list, but really I'm really happy.  2011 has been a good year and I'm excited about what is next.

I hope 2012 finds you happy, secure and in pursuit of your dreams.  Happy New Year!

Auld Lang Syne by Mairi Campbell
I first heard her sing this song watching the 1999 Kennedy Center Honors when Sean Connery was recognized.  This lovely version brought many in the audience to tears and Mr. Connery was visibly moved.  It has been my favorite since then and apparently it was used in the Sex in the City soundtrack.

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  1. You finished the sheep mittens. They look great! Happy new year