Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Knitting Obsession

Still waiting for two of the winners from the giveaway to make contact.  Today is the deadline so watch for new winners will be selected tomorrow.

The Art of School

The other day I headed over to my school's library to check out the collection of architectural ornaments on display from Louis Sullivan.  Many of Sullivan's buildings have been demolished and the wonders have been lost. Chicago and St. Louis still boast buildings.  My school has the largest collection of his ornaments and many are on display.


After spending time looking, I headed off into the stacks of books.  I focused on the textile collection and what wonders  I found there. Knitting and crochet books long out of print! Weaving and spinning books galore! I also found historic books on wool and wool markets from the 1800s.  It will take me a ling time to work my way through the collection. I did bring home a few to get started.
copyright 1970

Lovely CPW (Canadian Production Wheel) depicted and used

You know you want this outfit - it is perfect to wear with your drop spindle!

I love libraries, they are such treasures.

Knitting News

This new pattern came out last week and I've been obsessing about it.

Autumnal by Hannah Fettig

I don't know when I first discovered Hannah's blog and her designs.  I've been watching and waiting and this one called my name.  It seems like the perfect garment (with a little shortening for my height).  Perhaps it would a a good project for some handspun yarn.  Hmm...I can see myself knitting and wearing this one.  Doesn't it looks smart and snug at the same time?

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