Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Holiday Sales

Thursday night I'll be adding some handspun goodies as well as other special items for the holiday shopping season.

On Friday in my Etsy Store I'm offering free shipping for black Friday.  The coupon code is: BLACKFRIDAY11

On Monday, I'll also be offering Free Shipping.  The coupon code is: CYBERMONDAY11

For purchases made on these days, you will receive a gift for shopping with me. 

For local folks, on December 4, from 9:30 until 1:00 pm, I will be participating in The Advent Fair at the
Evangelical United Church of Christ, 204 East Lockwood Avenue Webster Groves, Missouri 63119

New Winner AGAIN
In other news, I had to draw a name again for the blog launch contest.  Our final winner responded and her yarn is happily on its way to her.  Congrats Gwen!

Musical Interlude

It has been busy around the cloisters.  Mister and I have our own separate hamsters wheels lately.  We did manage to jump off last Wednesday for a bit of jazz hooky.  Kurt Elling was in town and so we ran away for a few hours.  Kurt is a jazz vocalist out of Chicago and he is my absolute favorite singer.  His concerts are always high energy, a little punchy (they were seriously jet lagged), inspiring and a musical drink for your poor soul.   Kurt always manages to pick me up out of what ever funk I'm in.  He has the added benefit of being adorable too - in a funky jazz cat way, dig?

From the Craft Circle

This past weekend there was a gathering at a friend's house of crafters.  It was amazing!  We made jewelry, I spun some fall inspired fiber for a yarn commission, we knitted and we had a quilter present too.  Her quilt was AMAZING - all hand stitched and with a story as well.  Here is a little peek at the table from our activities.  There is something about sitting with talented people.  We enjoyed each other's company and told stories.

I love events like this - like the sewing circles of old.  I love being surrounded by creative people and hearing their stories.  I did some photography work while we worked for my final project at school.  I'm hoping that I captured what I'll need.

Holiday To Dos

I'm enjoying a break from the school routine this week.  I still had drawing class to attend, but the rest of the time has been mine.  It is amazing how long a week seems, until I fill it with my to do list.  The semester is screaming to a close, but I have a lot that needs to be created and turned in before the end.  It is a working week thus - a paper to write, photos to be developed and printed, yarn, jewelry and books to finish for the shop, etc.  For the holiday, Mister and I are staying in this year.  We are making a our holiday meal together, staying in comfy lounging clothes and watching a marathon of Star Trek episodes.  Black Friday will also commence without us.  At the most I'll probably head go to school to work in the darkroom.  In short a slow and perfect break for us both.  I'm grateful for the break and the chance to reconnect with Mister.

Have a very good holiday and if you do venture out - be safe and well.


  1. Yeay! I'm so glad that small shops and independent crafters are thinking to offer sales or discounts for the black friday, small business saturday, and cyber Monday events. I plan to support small businesses this year. The only area I am having a hard time in, is kids toys. There is only one local maker/seller, and then used stores.

  2. Hmm kid toys would be a stumper. It would seem easier for little ones (blocks, dolls, doll houses, etc). Hopefully you'll find something. I don't know of many local electronic makers unfortunately.

  3. I hope this comment isn't offensive to you, but you drew my name and emailed me and I replied to your email twice about winning the yarn and you never replied to me. I am so sad. I waited by the mailbox each day for the yarn I won. I could forward or post here my immediate response to your first email and my follow up email. I am so disappointed. Thanks anyway.

  4. Emarci, oh no!!!! I just checked and I don't see your email. I'll investigate more tonight. In the meantime, try sending me another email this time at Mandy dot Pedigo at gmail dot com. We will figure it out and make something happen.

  5. The mystery has been solved. Emarci, check your mailbox soon.