Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The Art of School or The Art of Surviving Midterms
a.k.a. Spinning, knitting, weaving, and other art preempted this week.

Yes, folks, I'm in the middle of midterms at school.  While most of my classes do not have exams (that was a few weeks ago and a few more coming in a few weeks), I do have projects for my various studio classes.  It would seem logical to spread them out and not clump them mid-semester.  But alas, no one checked with me on this front.

I had four photos due today for critique in photography class.  I love critiques in this class; it is an inspiring and exciting day.  I counted it up and I spent over five hours in the darkroom getting ready for this critique.  True, it was our first time working independently on printing, but wow!  It takes a lot of time to get the prints just right.  The shots below needed a lot of special tweaks after finally getting the major parts correct.  Light, detail, color tones, and everything needed to be just so.

I have some drawing work to tackle this evening.  Portfolio reviews are on Friday.  I need to finish filling this in and blending it, work on my sketchbook as well as two other drawings.  Oye.

I also need to get a start on two papers for art history.  One paper will be exploring Chartres Cathedral in France.  I think I really need a field trip for the paper to be good.  I'm very much looking forward to researching this lovely Gothic building!  My other paper is comparing and contrasting two works from the St. Louis Art Museum.  It isn't a hardship to have to go there.

Of course all of this work is cutting into my knitting and spinning time.  These poor little mitts out of my 90 yards of alpaca, bond and mohair handspun have been on the needles forever.  But it is midterms, ya know?

Driving to school has provided some spectacular views of the sky - here is the early morning fog rising off the Mississippi River.  I wish I had stopped to take pictures, but here is one off the phone.

 Midterm Favorite Thing

Since the stress levels and busy levels have increased, I felt the need for comfort food.  I made a batch of my mom's chocolate chip cookie bars.  Mister, who isn't in the middle of midterms,  appreciated the comfort as well.  He, poor dear, is in the middle of writing his dissertation.  Anyone that has ever been engaged with this process, or has supported someone through this process will understand the video.  This one's for you Mister!

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