Monday, October 17, 2011

The Case of the Stolen Lamb

Mister and I recently finished watching the television series of Sherlock Holmes, played by the magnificent Jeremy Brett. I thought of Sherlock when I heard of a case that he might have been interested in investigating.

The Art of School

Last Friday, I attended the annual Sculpture Walk on Campus. This event is a the culmination of a lot of time for the artists. Students submit a proposal to their professors and spend a summer class session working on their projects.  This year twelve proposals were accepted. The sculpture walk gives the artist a chance to discuss their work, take questions. It ends with a banquet. The work is also juried and prizes are awarded.

Earlier in the week, I was walking across campus to the art building when I spotted sheep atop a small hill in the center of the common area. Of course, I went in for a closer look.

When I went closer I saw the flock was made up of an unexpected material. Thousands of plastic grocery bags. I loved the addition of the horns on this guy.

Such an interesting concept. Wool is a natural, renewable resource. Yet synthetic material has threatened its use and existence I throw bits of wool out in my garden to help choke out the weeds and to naturally decompose. It was interesting to hear the artist, Aurora Bihler, talk about the use of plastic and other "disposables." I loved what she titled her piece.

I introduced myself to Aurora to thank her for her work. It is great to have sheep on campus, and I appreciate the message.  I do get the urge to take a wool shawl and drape it on one of the sheep. Aurora kept a blog of her project, Reduce, Re-ewes, Recycle.  

I am not the only one that has an eye for sheep on campus.  Sometime between Thursday evening and Friday morning someone stole the lamb. Aurora was going to report the theft to the campus police. This is the photo I took Thursday morning of the stolen lamb. Shame on Ewe, indeed!

Just for curiosity sake, I Googled punishments for theft of sheep. If convicted, punishments varied widely. During biblical times, the thief would need to pay four sheep for the one that was taken. Other examples included monetary fines, prison time, and in some other examples execution.  Hopefully, Aurora will get her lamb back and no one will be executed.  

Off the Needles

I finally finished my fingerless mitts that I showed you last time.  I used to think that mitts were a bit silly. After all, when I'm cold, it is usually my fingers that need the protection. They are perfect for when it is a bit chilly in the office, but I still need to use my hands. I'll be using them quite a bit tonight as I work on things for school.

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  1. I bought some fingerless mitts for exactly the same purpose last winter! I loooove them and wish I could make my own.

    The sheep project here is fantastic - many kudos to the artist. :)