Thursday, September 1, 2011

What's in a Picture?

Mister and I had an adventure on Sunday.  We took part in the annual Washington County Home Grown Farm Tour.  The tour was composed of nine different sites which featured some aspect of agriculture or local food.  Mister and I visited five places  of the route.  I wish I could show you the pictures, but in effort to complete homework the pictures are locked in a roll of black and white film.  For my photography class, I need to take black and white shots.  In class we develop and print the film, so until we learn to do this, my photos are held at bay.  I grew up during the rein of film,  I remember having to take the roll to the photo shop for pictures.  I can't remember however the last time I used a roll of film.  I did take my digital with me, and got a sample of what I hope I have on the roll.

Most of these were taken at Indian Springs Farm known nationally for their Angora Goats.  The donkey was one of the ultimate highlights.  While getting a tour of the farm, he walked with us and mugged Mister and I for hugs and ear scratches.  He was a stray and the farm has accepted that he is now their donkey (after an exhaustive search).

The bison pictured above belong to a bison ranch which produces meat for market.  This is a very poor picture.  I really hope that the many that I shot with film will be better.  I will say the bison burgers we had were fantastic.

Spinning News

I have a finished skein to show.  Remember the Davy Jones color that I was experimenting with?  Well, I plied it with a nearly solid blue and this is what I achieved:

I still need to count yardage, but I'm extremely happy with it.  I also need to finish plying the other part of this and combine it with a turquoise color.

Finally, I'll show what I received in the mail the other day.  I ordered a sampler package from The Spinning Loft.  They had put together a sample pack of fiber from Deb Robson's must spin list that Knitty published on their blog.  The result is a spinners' emporium of delights.  Inside is a dizzying array of wool - long,  medium, & fine.  As well as exotic fiber from the musk ox (Qiviut).  Much of the wool is classified as coming from rare and endangered breeds.  I'm excited to get my hands on them and sample.  I'll be sure to share when I do.  First I'll have to do some washing.

Mister and I are going to a sheep and fiber festival this weekend.  I hope to have lots to share next week.  Happy September everyone.  It sure came in like a blast furnace here - back up to heat warnings.


  1. I love donkeys! I miss my donkey, George, that I grew up with. He sure was a snuggly critter.

  2. Ashley, be sure you check out this blog:
    She has a tab for "The Daily Donkey"