Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Test

Today's post comes to you a little bit delayed....

The Art of School

I had my first test today since returning to the land of academia.  It was in Art History B (Mannerism through Contemporary).  I think everything is in order.  Mister helped me study.  We looked at works together and I told him the title, artist, significance of the work, and time period.  It was a lot of fun and led to some interesting side conversation.  At some point, I realize that I really knew the work.  We covered three chapters for this test, and I remember most of what I needed to know.  I have/had a hard time remembering the particulars for printmaking.  I think once I take a class on printmaking it would make this more solid.  Once I understand the process, I have enough background information to make details better stick.  I studied this a bit and found a way to make it stick in my brain.

I also had a critique in my photography class.  This was part one of the process as we were unable to get through everyone.  A critique is a bit nerve racking.  We post our work, tell something about it and then listen for feedback.  Feedback is given in two parts: positive and constructive criticism.  I did not have a chance to show my photo yet (watch for it on the blog next week).

I was struck by many things of the critique.  This is my first time experiencing the process and many more will follow.  In this class, the students have all formed a very comfortable community.  We seem to trust each other, even though we haven't had a lot of shared experience time.  I've noticed this as well when we work in the darkroom.  People are really generous with materials, offering assistance and giving feedback.

During the critique it was even more apparent.  People were very kind in their comments, very attentive and very good with suggestions.  I made a comment about the community that has formed and how much I appreciated it.  As a teacher, I've seen classes that never really have community develop.  Other times it seems instant or it may take a while.  As a student, I appreciate being able to trust my fellow students.  I feel safe in that environment and they recognize that there is me in that photo.  Perhaps we as a class responded to what we viewed in the photos that we looked at today.  We understood a bit more about the people/artist that have been sharing space with us.  The photos that we saw today were amazing!  I found them all very inspiring.  Sure there were things to work on - squaring up corners more, having a crisper line, creating more contrast in the printing process.  I left the class exhausted but wanting to go out and take more pictures.

A Loom with a View

I have a finished object to share.  What started off as a shawl, turned out to be a table runner.  put this on the table for photographs,  I discovered that I really like the way it looked against the dark wood. Finished dimensions are 16” wide by 51” long (a little more shrinkage than intended, but it still works).

Wrapping it Up

I have a rather daunting weekend ahead of me.  Saturday's class will be quickly followed by a visit to the Strange Folk Festival.  I'll be volunteering some time in the afternoon to a booth, doing some looking (perhaps a bit of shopping) and hopefully some homework for photography.  I have a drawing assignment to work on for a critique on Monday.  There is also a shearing festival at several area alpaca farms.  Now that I know that I love to spin alpaca, this makes for a lot of temptation.  I'm not sure how much energy I'll have this weekend, but I hope to have lots to report.  Have a lovely weekend.

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